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A focus on the spiritual essence of a place, in a moment in time is the underlying theme for a recent series of paintings. The work develops through a series of water colours and also from a memory bank of landscapes “ingested” inside the subconscious which emerge as the painting proceeds. The images that appear are subliminal; the subconscious abstracts nature. The painting process is an attempt to capture the key moments of ingestion and then to decode them to recreate the landscape’s secret spiritual essence or DNA.


The paintings are empty of human activity allowing us to focus instead on the intangible infinities of horizon, sea/earth and sky/air. The light and handling of the colour in many of the pieces is from the ‘between times’ of day; not night, not broad daylight but some where in between, obscured by atmospheric mists, fog or clouds, a time of possibilities for connection with greater mysteries of the spirit. Looking at the pieces becomes a meditation, a stilling of voices, and hopefully a return to some connection with nature.